Taro Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder (Original)

Taro Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder (Original)
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Taro bubble tea powder used to make Taro boba smoothies and Taro milk tea. Native to South East Asia, it is hard to believe that the lowly little taro is actually a root vegetable. Before that grosses you out, be reminded that taro isn't a favorite milk tea flavor for nothing! It's sweet, creamy, yummy, and perfectly frothy - exactly what one looks for in a relaxing drink. A quick shake or smoothie will be enough to get you going for the day!


Number of Servings:

25-30 16oz cups
20-25 24 oz cups
(3 scoops/serving)
Sold in 2.2 lbs bag 20bags/case


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    I recently purchased this taro powder and it was so delicious that I drank 3 cups in a day!
  • Author:
    Omg fav flavor ever. Tired of spending 8$ everytime cause I buy 2 larges. Now I make my own and as big as I want
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