1883 Vanilla Syrup 1000mL

1883 Vanilla Syrup 1000mL
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R-Vanilla, 1.0L
4.00 lbs
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1883 De Philibert Routin provides extremely high quality syrups and sauces for professionals of the drinks trade. This product is imported from France. All natural premium gourmet syrups with no artificial flavoring or preservatives are used in 1883 syrups. They are fat free and cholesterol free. These syrups have a shelf life of approximately 2 to 3 years.
Serving Information:
Serving Size for 12 oz Drink: 3/4 fl oz
Serving Size for 16oz. Drink: 1 fl oz
Serving Size for 20oz. Drink: 1 1/4 fl oz
Number of 12 oz. Drink Servings: 45
Number of 16 oz. Drink Servings: 34
Number of 20 oz. Drink Servings: 27
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