Almond Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder

Almond Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder
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Delicious, low-calorie alternative to dairy-based bubble tea powders.

Enjoy the rich flavor of almonds in smoothies, pearl teas, cappuccinos, and boba milk teas. Boba Tea Direct carries the creamiest, most satisfying almond milk tea powder this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Our almond powder is versatile, nutritious, and dissolves effortlessly in hot liquids. This caffeine-free powder makes soothing hot beverages on stormy, wintry evenings.

  1. Almond bubble tea powder is lactose-free and rich in calcium and Vitamins A & D
  2. It also has no saturated fat content, which makes it an attractive addition to a healthy diet
  3. Can be combined with complementary bubble tea flavors, such as coconut, chocolate, or coffee
  4. Nutty, natural goodness in a convenient, resealable pouch

Number of Servings:

  1. 25-30 16oz cups
  2. 20-25 24 oz cups
  3. 3 scoops / serving
  4. Sold in a 2.2 lbs bag 20bags/case
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  • Author:
    If no sugar added will be perfect for my parents. Hope have Sugar Free Almond Powder in the future.
  • Author:
    The powder mix is quick and easy