Black Minute Pearls 2.2lb bag

Black Minute Pearls 2.2lb bag
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Black Minute Pearls ™ (Exclusively from Boba Tea Direct)

Black Minute Pearls are the quick solution to making authentic boba tea in a fraction of the time. Unlike traditional boba or tapioca pearls that require a long cooking and simmering process and an even longer soak, Black Minute Pearls are ready in 5 minutes, making them great for use at home and convenient for restaurants, cafes, or coffee shops. These minute pearls will save you both time and money — you can prepare smaller batches in less time instead of making large quantities that may need to be thrown out as they lose their texture and appearance. Black Minute Pearls are sold in individual vacuum-sealed 2.2-pound bags, which serves approximately 25-30 drinks, or by the 18-bag case to help you save even more.

2.2 lbs bag (approximately serve 25-30 drinks) Takes only 5 minutes to cook!

2.2 lbs bag (approximately serve 25-30 drinks)

Unlike traditional bobas that require 25-30 minutes of cooking time and an additional 20 minutes to simmer, these bobas only require 5 minutes to cook! This is perfect for home use, restaurants, coffee shops, or any situation where you want freshly cooked boba in just 5 minutes. Not only are they convenient, but they are delicious. Save time and money - cook only what you need.

Save even more! Purchase in bulk and get wholesale prices. (18 bags/case)


1) Minute Pearls Only
2) Add a pack of 40-50 Jumbo Bubble Tea Straws


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  • Author:
    Wow, this was so easy to make.
  • Author:
  • Author:
    Fantastic! Time is money, and I'd rather spend the extra $ than stand and stir the regular boba for 30 minutes or more. I highly recommend "5-minute pearls."
  • Author:
    These are excellent! Not only convenient and fast, but also taste good as well.
  • Author:
    They are definately easy to make. Boil water, cook for five minutes, and drain. However, as soon as I opened the package I noticed these pearls had a much different smell to them (than the regular boba). I found them to be a bit more chewy than the regular boba too, although maybe I overcooked them by a couple minutes. But overall, I thought the smell and taste was not good compared to the traditionally made boba. I'd recommend this only if you want to save time and are willing to sacrifice taste.