Switching to Biodegradable Cups

People are always busy that’s why the concept of everything on-the-go is very popular. And when we talk about being on-the-go, disposable cups come into mind. A person starts the day with a cup of coffee bought on the way to the office. When there are picnics and spontaneous get togethers, you swing by the grocery to buy a package of disposable ware. If there’s a sudden potluck among your officemates, you pass disposable cups around. It’s a very easy solution to fill the need for food and drink containers, that is why it is a go-to item.


Over the years plastic, styrofoam, and paper cups have changed. Despite its usefulness, people question how harmful its production is to the environment. Because it is widely used, you can just imagine the amount of disposable cups being thrown to the dumps every single day. It has truly become a problem just like how much people use and throw plastic frequently. It is a good thing that manufacturers have started exploring different ways to continously produce disposable cups but turn them into biodegradable ones. This way, people can still enjoy the benefits of having these cups to their disposal and at the same time contribute in saving the environment.


Biodegrable cups are made using biodegradable materials. In the case of normal hot drink cups, they make us of petroleum as the waterproof lining inside the cup. This lining prevents the liquid from seeping through the paper cup. Unfortunately, petroleum is not a renewable resource and it doesn’t break down which means it is not good for the environment. Biodegrable cups do not make use of petroleum but instead utilize a waterproof lining that is made of plant extracts like corn, potato, and sugarcane. These are all renewable resources. It is a good thing that more and more business offer this kind of option to consumers. These are also sold in local stores nowadays.


Disposable cup manufacturers continue to further enhance their research in providing products that are not harmful to the environment. More than being biodegradable, some disposable drinking cups are also compostable and recyclable. A significant number of consumers are now requesting for environmetal-friendly containers from businesses and buying biodegrable items for home use. It’s not easy to save the world from destruction but if choosing these products can make a difference, then it’s perfectly okay to sip coffee through it one biodegrable cup at a time.