Bubble Tea Drinks – Health Benefits of Green Tea

Bubble Tea Drinks – Health Benefits of Green Tea

Bubble Tea Drinks – Health benefits of Green Tea. Many bubble tea drinks are made with green tea. This is for added sweet flavor to the drinks and also to promote healthiness of bubble tea drinks. Here are some health benefits to green tea used in bubble tea drinks. 


  1. It prevents allergies. Green tea or matcha is one thing that should be added by those who suffer from allergies to their cupboards. Taking in a cup of matcha on a daily basis will definitely boost the immune system and when allergies sets in, just a dose of green tea will give you relief. It contains epigallocatechin gallate, a compound that is so effective in battling allergies.
  2. It promotes better eyesight. It has been a popular fact that the effects of eating carrots does wonders in promoting better eyesight. However, scientific studies conclude that a new type of food does this as well. That food if none other than green tea. This type of tea contains a good dose of antioxidants that permeates the parts of eyes and detoxifies the eyes. The tissues of the eyes absorb the catechin contents of the green tea. Studies have shown the catechin content of green tea can actually prevent the development and progression of cataracts that usually leads to blindness. The retina showed the biggest amount of catechin absorption. The cornea, on the other hand showed the least.
  3. Green tea lessens cholesterol amounts. Greasy food is undoubtedly tastes very good. But on the other hand, it also, unfortunately raises the cholesterol levels of a person putting that person at a risk of having a heart attack or stroke. But a good dose of green tea will surely lower your cholesterol levels. Again it is the catechins that are at play here. The catechins are so powerful and prevent tissues from absorbing cholesterol that are found in the intestines.
  4. It promotes stronger teeth and gums. Green tea has been getting a bad reputation as it tends to discolor the surface of the teeth. This is caused by the tannin content in the green tea. But on the other hand, drinking tea may also prove to be very beneficial because it has the ability to strengthen teeth and gums. The regular intake of matcha lowers the possibility of periodontal disease from occurring. Catechin once again is the main reason for this. This also lessens the possibility for inflammation from occurring.
  5. It is thought to prevent oral cancer from happening. Green tea has one of the strongest anti-oxidants that has the capability of eliminating cancer cells by destroying these.



The Best Bubble Tea Toppings

Bubble Tea Jelly

Traditionally Taiwanese milk tea drinks are made with the classic bubble tea combination of the powder and/or syrup plus chewy black tapioca pearls in them as the preferred bubble tea topping. Those traditional days of drinking refreshing bubble tea drinks with only tapioca balls as the only milk tea topping is being tested with a few new varieties that you can replace outright or enjoy with tapioca pearls.

Bubble Tea Jelly

Bubble Tea Jelly is a favorite ingredient among many to get in your bubble tea because it will add more flavor to your drink. While the tapioca pearls make your drink sweeter because tapioca pearls are usually marinated in boba sauce, these jelly cubes add a fruit flavor to the drink. A popular bubble tea jelly is the assorted jelly with a combination of lychee jelly, aloe vera jelly, strawberry jelly, grass jelly, green apple coconut jelly, and mango jelly. As a business owner, is it nice to have bubble tea jelly to offer your customers because you do not have to cook them! They’re perfect on the go since they’re pre-made, allowing you to simply scoop and serve! As a bubble tea customer, you might want to try bubble tea jelly because they will add a yummy fruit flavor to your bubble tea drink or dessert.

Bubble Tea Popping Boba

Bubble Tea Popping Boba is another popular add on to your bubble tea drink. These delicious fruit filled balls compliment almost any drink. Originally popping boba was used as a frozen yogurt topping, but it has become popular with bubble tea drinks. You can use a boba tea straw to drink up these fun fruit balls, along with the traditional tapioca pearls. Popular flavors of popping bobas are: strawberry popping boba, lychee popping boba, mango popping boba and passion fruit popping boba.

Bubble Tea Jam

Although Bubble Tea Jams are not as popular as Bubble Tea Jelly or Bubble Tea Popping boba, they are worth considering as an add-on. They also add a dimension of soft texture to your drink, but it is thicker than the other choices. Popular Bubble Tea Jam flavors are strawberry jam and mango jam.

Next time you order your bubble tea drink, consider adding in another bubble tea add-on – bubble tea jellies, bubble tea popping boba, or bubble tea jam!

Royal Milk Tea Recipe – How to Make Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea with tapioca pearls and boba straw

How to Make Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea Ingredients:

  • Three-quarter cups full (150 milliliter) of regular tap water
  • Two full teaspoons of golden milk tea/black tea leaves (Buy Golden Milk Tea Leaves for wholesale prices here)
  • Half a cup (120 milliliter) of whole milk
  • 25 milliliter of fresh honey or 10 grams granulated sugar for added sweetness

Recipe for Making Royal Milk Tea Step-by-Step:

  1. Pour the water into a small pot. Set the temperature to medium. Bring the water to the boil for one minute.
  2. Add the tea leaves into the boiling water and steep between thirty seconds to about one minute. Then, lower heat to a simmer for one minute and thirty seconds to about a full two minutes.
    **Do not let the tea simmer for more than two minutes, as it will become too bitter.
  3. Slowly pour in the milk into the pot. Allow the milk tea to come back to a full simmer. Do not go beyond boiling point as the milk will cook and curdle in high temperature, which will leave your milk tea lumpy. Turn the heat off.
  4. Pour your tea into a cup, using a tea sieve to filter our tea leaves.
  5. Mix honey or sugar to your liking.
  6. Enjoy your delicious milk tea.

**Optional if you want the iced version, add cold the milk tea in into your cup and add ice.

Notes: If you want to make Almond Milk tea, then you can add almond milk instead. If you want to make Jasmine Milk tea, then you can use jasmine loose-leaf tea.

Taro Milk Tea Recipe – How to make Taro Milk Bubble Tea

Taro Bubble Tea picture

Have you seen and tasted the delicious bubble tea purple drink called Taro milk tea? Here is a recipe to drink the famous Taro drink that originated from Taiwan.

Taro Milk Tea Ingredients

Utensils Needed

Taro Milk Tea Recipe

Procedure for making taro milk tea black tea base:

  1. Measure three quarters cup of water.
  2. Set a small pot on the stove.
  3. Pour the water into the pot.
  4. Ignite the stove and set the heat to medium high.
  5. Wait for the water to reaching boiling point.
  6. Once the water starts to boil, bring it to a brisk boil and turn off stove.
  7. Then place the tea bag in a cup and steep in the water for about two minutes.
  8. Take out tea bag after two minutes.

Notes: You are using black tea, which does have caffeine. Thus, taro milk tea does have caffeine.

Procedure for making taro milk tea drink:

Take the cocktail shaker and add in:

  1. 3oz of taro milk tea powder,
  2. 1oz fructose, and 1oz of hot water,
  3. Then mix taro milk tea powder and other ingredients until fully dissolved with mixing spoon,
  4. Next, add in half cup of milk, the prepared black tea base, and half cup of ice cubes,
  5. Shake the cocktail shaker for about thirty seconds,
  6. Pour into serving glasses and enjoy your delicious taro milk tea!

Notes: You can enjoy hot taro milk tea bubble tea by taking out the ice and mixing ingredients with hot water and then adding black tea. Mix contents with a spoon (do not shake) because the drink will be hot! Also don’t forget to add tapioca pearls to your drink!