The Benefits of Custom Designed Wholesale Cups

benefits of custom desgined wholesale cups

Wholesale cups are now being sold in various designs that suit the image and need of each every customer. These cups can be custom designed where the logos of the customers can be printed on. The good thing about these cups is that it helps establishments like restaurants and shake stands make their customers identify them more and retain their brand into their memory. Aside from this, custom designed cups tend to be really big hits with customers because of their cute and impressive designs.

What are the benefits of having wholesale custom designed cups for your establishment? First is that these can be ordered in smaller quantities than the regular bulk orders as these are usually used for special occasions like Christmas and the Fourth of July. Next is that it comes in either hot or cold insulated cup form. This means that buyers can choose specifically designed cups for both their favorite hot or cold beverage. Double wall cups are better for serving hot drinks while single walled cups are best for cold drinks. Third is that sleeves, lids and straws can be added to serve a drink using a custom designed cup.

Cups for Different Themes and Occasions

One of the coolest benefits of ordering wholesale custom designed cups is that it can accommodate any number of colors on its exterior. This allows the buyer endless opportunities to design the cups. One can go from the simple red and white for valentine’s celebration to the more complicated color combination or red, gold, green and silver of Christmas. The possibilities are not limited for these cups when it comes to designs as even the fonts of the text come in multiple forms.

Next is that it only takes about 4 weeks for a manufacturer to produce a number of custom designed cups even at wholesale amounts.

These wholesale custom design cups are best for all types of food and beverage establishments. Good drinks will always go best with a slice of your favorite steak or cake. But the food and beverage business will always be a cut throat business in nature that is why it is always important to take advantage of anything that will help customer retain the brands of the of these establishments in their memory. It also gives customers a good impression of the establishment by providing it a good image. This is certainly an intangible benefit that owners of these types of establishments can take advantage to help them achieve further success.



Top Reasons to Choose Buying Wholesale Coffee Online

Top Reasons to Choose Wholesale Coffee Online

One of the most sought after beverages in the world is coffee; regardless of race, religion, nationality or social status, coffee speaks to adults unlike any other drink. Coffee is versatile as it is one beverage that suits all seasons – if the weather is too hot, one can mix and shake a delicious iced-coffee and if the weather is too cold, there is nothing more comforting than a cup of steaming hot coffee.


For individuals who consume tons of coffee monthly such as families with members who are all coffee enthusiasts and those involved in the food and beverage business offering different kinds of coffee blends, buying coffee in retail and in person should never be an option considering its many disadvantages such as waste of time, money and effort.


Instead of purchasing retail coffee, the best option for the people mentioned would be to buy wholesale coffee online for all their coffee needs and here are some of the top reasons why:


  • Price – purchasing wholesale coffee is much cheaper than buying retail and for those involved in business this is critical as the savings could readily translate to profit. It is important to note, however, that cheaper does not necessarily mean poor quality because a lot of products tend to be overpriced especially if the seller invested a lot in advertising and marketing, which is usually the case for retail and personal selling.


  • Options – there are a lot of suppliers to choose from online, moreover, any one of these wholesale coffee suppliers are within reach by a simple click of the mouse. One can readily browse what a particular supplier is offering, thus, comparing prices and checking on customer reviews are relatively easy as well. Through buying online one is not restricted or bounded in terms of location or time as one can order anywhere and even at the middle of the night.


  • Useful additions – online sellers also offer more freebies, discounts and similar promotions that will help the buyer save more money and even enjoy purchasing. Online suppliers even provide unique offerings like customization of flavors and gift sets, among others.


In any kind of transaction there is always a right and almost-right way to purchase and if you own a coffee shop or in a similar business and you have been buying retail all this time and feel that it is not an efficient way of doing business, then it is high time that you consider purchasing wholesale coffee online.


Advertising Your Boba Tea Shop On Facebook

Advertising your boba tea shop on Facebook

Advertising your Boba Tea shop on Facebook is definitely something that you must do. It is increasingly hard to ignore the many good reasons why your business will benefit from an online marketing campaign no matter how little you spend on it. Fopr small businesses and startup businesses, advertising through Facebook may be a chance to showcase their products to the most people in the shortest time possible. To add to the advantages mentioned, Facebook is free and you literally acquire no risk if you try advertising your boba tea shop on Facebook.

If you are not yet convinced, here are some reasons why you should definitely advertise through Facebook:

First, Facebook is the biggest, widest, social media networking site in the whole world. It is also the most popular. This means that any time of the day, there are always millions of users on Facebook. If you are talking about how many people an advertising campaign can reach, Facebook will definitely be able to give you the answer, about 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Second, Facebook offers you a targeted market. This social media networking site already offers you a platform from which you can launch your marketing campaign. A big part of this campaign is your knowledge on which your target market is. Facebook allows you to aim your campaign at your target market; considerations include gender, profession, age, work, education… and so much more! If you will do this on your own, chances are, your business will have folded up before it even reaches a few hundred thousand persons.

Facebook also allows you to form a sort of “personal” relationship with its audience. If you create your own page, for instance, people will start liking and commenting on your page. You will be able then to reply to these messages as if you have met these people face to face. When they do start visiting you, the messages and comments on your page become testimonials that other people in the group will see. And so the cycle begins again.

Finally, Facebook advertising is relatively cheap. In fact, you can start advertising for free; just post photos of your products and see where it leads. If you already have constructed a marketing plan on social media, you start with your own product page. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many will start liking your page and sharing your products. Facebook will even recommend when you can start paying for advertising.

The Importance of a Bubble Tea Business Plan

Importance of Bubble Tea Business Plan

Business experts have said that drafting a bubble tea business plan will be important before you start your own bubble tea shop. Still, there are many start-ups that fail because they have forgotten to write down plans, and instead anchored with their optimism. Passion and a positive attitude are great qualities, but having a good business plan will always be beneficial to your enterprise.

A business plan will serve as your guide. This will define what your business is, in this case a bubble tea shop, and gives you direction. A business plan gives a specific outline of the goods and services that you will provide. A detailed menu that you would like, what your tea shop will look like are just some of the things that you outline in your business plan. It also gives you an idea of what your ideal customer is like, hence giving you a feel of the target market. A business plan is your roadmap, complete with details and time tables.

A business plan gives your company a vision for the future. One of the core ideas behind a business plan is so that you will know what the company intends to become in the next years. With a business plan in hand you will know what are the road blocks you will encounter (some of them may not be correct) as well as how you can move your tea shop forward. Remember that every industry evolves, and it is your job to adapt to that, with a business plan you can factor in growth and development for the market.

This will also help you manage the company. Often a business plan lays out the structure of your organization; this may include the operations head, the manager of your shop. Having a business plan can set help you set and delegate the different tasks and responsibilities of your team members. It will let you know where you are starting form and well as how you can reach those goals. Give your staff and yourself monthly, quarterly goals that you will need to hit. Make those hit goals benchmarks and set mid-course goals along the way.

Believe it or not, a business plan can also help you attract investors and team members. A business plan presents itself as an opportunity to assess your ideas and see if it supports the promise of success. If presented to those who are interested, this may pick up financing for you.

Why Getting into the Bubble Tea Food Truck Trend is Great for your Business

Boba Tea Food Truck Business Idea

The food truck is a growing trend in the American food industry. With the rise of fast and affordable food choices, so, too must the bubble tea industry comply with this, as there are more and more bubble tea food trucks coming around.

Having one offers variety. The bubble tea industry is growing as it gives usual coffee drinkers an alternative to their cup of caffeine. It also gives people a sweeter beverage substitute. Having a bubble tea business in a food truck will certainly give those people on the go and who would want to have cheaper alternatives to their drink a wise alternative and giving variety to their tastebuds as well as your market area.

You give your customers a taste of their favorite. Having a bubble tea food truck in a location where most of the foot traffic (and most of your customers) is located is sheer convenience to your market. Not only do you offer them a cost friendly drink, but you also give them the ease of finding you and different other food choices on the streets and on their way to their destination.

It has a lower overhead than your usual milk tea shop and restaurant. You will be saving more on expenses such as electricity and prime space rent. Having a food truck also saves you the problem of where your overwhelming customers will sit down as they often are walking to and from your food truck. Food trucks also give the convenience of having a minimum number of staff Most food trucks have about four or even fewer employees. This will give you less stress as food trucks offer flexible and manageable staff and hours.

It is moving. A food truck is ever mobile, so if you worry about the number part of building a business, which is location, location, location, you can just move your food truck at a more profitable location.

It is a great way to test the waters. If you are unsure of opening a bubble tea shop, start one first with a food truck. There are also food trucks for lease available online or through your usual food truck partner.

It is a means of expanding your brand. Food trucks are often moving about in one area or another joining food fairs and food truck fiestas. If you already a bubble milk tea ship, joining food fairs and food truck fiestas give your brand a boost as it gives your potential customers a feel of what your business is.