Chai Health Benefits


If you’re wondering what the health benefits of Chai tea is, you will be able to find all of that information below.


Chai has been a popular drink for centuries, and acts as a source of nutrients to promote overall health. All of the ingredients combine to make one very good tasting and healthy drink. This beverage, which originated from India has healing elements because of its Ayurvedic medicinal values. It is made with different recipes and this is where Ayurvedic medicine comes in. this type of medicine thrives on the unique blends of herbs and other ingredients.

The common ingredients are a spice mix, a strong black tea base, milk and sugar. For the spice mixture, ginger and cardamom pods make up the basic combination with the addition of other spices like cinnamon and cloves. Milk is the ingredient which makes the tea richer in flavor and it can combine all of the flavors of the other ingredients involved into a delicious drink.

Chai is a powerful antioxidant, which is very important as it protects the brain from free radicals and aids the immune system. Tea is a known antioxidant because of certain properties found in the tea leaves. The good thing is that any temperature cannot eliminate the presence of these antioxidant properties. One can take tea (whether decaf or regular) and still enjoy the antioxidant benefits.

Chai boosts digestion, and good digestion translates to good gut health. This is what chai drinks give the consumer. The digestive system is stimulated by the presence of the numerous spices in the drink. Cinnamon and ginger tend to relax the stomach muscles while black peppercorns induces the digestive act same as cloves while fennel seeds promotes the act of expelling human waste.

Chai acts as a potent inflammatory. Anti-inflammation is the result of the presence of anti-oxidants in tea leaves. The same anti-inflammatory elements are present in ginger. Ginger is usually recommended in natural medicine to help ease inflammation caused by arthritis and other medical conditions. To help patients experiencing some sort of inflammation, a couple of chai drinks would certainly help them feel at ease. These medical conditions can be very painful thus a strong cup of chai drink is something that can help them ease their discomfort.

Chai tea is also a very alternative to coffee. The reason being is that it has lower amounts of caffeine. Chai tea drinks are very strong and provide satisfaction for those who need to satisfy their urge of a hot drink any time of the day. It can actually take the place of coffee. So with less caffeine involved, tea provides a healthier option to coffee but still offers that flavorful drink one is looking for.

Why Wholesale Paper Cups are Becoming Popular

why wholesale paper cups are becoming so popular

Wholesale paper cups are the best alternative for those who like to drink a cup of their favorite beverage wile on the go. These convenient cups are made out of cup card boards that are layered with plastic resin to make it more sturdy and prevent leaks from happening. The good thing about wholesale paper cups is that a lot of these are made from recycled material making it a good choice to drink your favorite beverage in it. This is an environment friendly way of consuming food and drinks.

Another good thing about using wholesale paper cups is that it does not alter the taste and aroma of the drink itself. The reason being is that paper does not impart any type of flavor and smell onto the drink itself thus it helps keep the integrity of the beverage. These cups are the most convenient way to use while walking towards your office or school since these are very handy and very light in weight. For the longest time, Styrofoam coffee cups lorded it over the disposable wholesale cup industry. However, since discovering that Styrofoam cups are not bio-degradable, manufacturers have looked to paper as an alternative first, then as a permanent replacement.

Even if prices still favor Styrofoam cups, people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious so despite the higher cost of wholesale paper cups, business owners and bakeries are now into buying paper cups to serve their drinks. This just shows that the benefits that the environment gets is far more important to those who own businesses serving drinks than just the lower cost.

Today even with the use of environment friendly paper cups, business owners are still looking for a better and environment safer way to serve their drinks.

Another thing that wholesale paper cups provide the business owners is a chance to promote their business brands without spending too much on advertising. For a minimum cost, they can have their cups labeled with their logos so that wherever the customer takes the cup, people around him will have the chance to see the brand on it which makes them aware that the exists.

Another good thing is that paper cups are so easy to carry around and dispose of. Once they get thrown away, they can be picked up and the materials used in manufacturing these cups can be recycled for a different purpose.


White Tapioca Pearls

white tapioca pearls

Tapioca pearls are made from, you guessed it tapioca, which has been processed from the bitter cassava (sometimes called manioc or yuca) plant.

Even though the cassava is a native of South America, it has been introduced to some Asian countries in the 19th century by some of their European conquerors. Its Asian counterpart quickly took hold of the Asian taste making it a staple food in some of the countries it has been given to; some say that Asia has a far more favorable disposition to Asia, making it a an all purposeful plant. The cassava plant and the starch it produces has many other uses, it can be turned to textile and other manufacturing needs.

Hard to believe, white or clear tapioca pearls are the traditional tapioca balls. Since boba pearls comes from cassava plant and caramel, this is the normal color for the tapioca pearls. It is can be turned to black because of the addition of brown sugar. The black tapioca pearl, which is the more popular of the two nowadays, gained its momentum thanks to the bubble milk tea craze.

Both the black and white tapioca has the same size, same texture, and come from the same plant, the only difference is, of course, the color and that the black boba pearls may be a bit sweeter than its clearer counterpart.

Clear white pearls are often applied as a thickening agent in sauces, soups, and pie fillings. Tapioca pearls assist these food items with its glossy sheen. Before you use them as a thickening agent, make sure to soak the white balls in water overnight.

Whether you be serving white or black tapioca pearls in your bubble milk tea shop, know first that tapioca pearls are sensitive to heat and humidity changes. Sometimes they sweat inside the bag. As long as there are no molds, the boba tea pearls are still good. After cooking, soak the tapioca pearls in water. They will need this process as they are made of starch. Expect first for the tapioca pearls to turn hard before it becomes the soft and mushy bubble tea pearl that you love.

For your tapioca pearls to be of highest quality, make sure that you keep your cooked boba tea pearls ina sugary syrup solution and stir regularly at least once an hour. This is to prevent lumping which a nature of starch.