The Magic of Wholesale Coffee

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The attraction of people to sipping the perfect cup of coffee is second to none. In fact wholesale coffee has become big business because of this. Coffee beans may come in various types, flavors and degree of strength, but the truth is that a lot of businesses have achieved commercial accomplishments by offering wholesale coffee from different parts of the world.

Passionate coffee lovers may think finding the best coffee that suit their personal taste and preference may take a lot of effort. However, with the development of business methods applied by wholesale coffee sellers, the only thing that these people will have to do is to research and ask around. Today, the best coffee beans harvested in the plantations in Indonesia and Brazil can now be bought in roasted form from a number or wholesale coffeebean suppliers all over the country and even the world. In the same way these suppliers also have stocks of Ugandan and Colombian beans in their inventory.

Most of these wholesale coffee bean suppliers are big companies that source out their coffee from all over the planet. These companies buy beans in huge volumes. These companies have their very own storage facilities and stores where the sell on retail. Then there are some suppliers that are not as big but consider themselves as specialty coffee roasters. These smaller suppliers usually combine their efforts so they can provide every coffee lover the best options. Big or small, these companies have the same prices to pay based on the location where they get the beans. Brazilian beans usually cost the most.

But obviously, the main line of business of these companies is to sell coffee beans on wholesale to every possible customer out there. Normally, the wholesale supplies come in at least 50lb bags sold to coffee houses, huge supermarkets, restaurant chains, hotels and luxury liners. Most of these wholesalers look at those establishments that have a high demand for coffee products. Some of the requirements that wholesalers often require their customers to have are business documents and their tax numbers.

On the other hand, those smaller wholesalers can sell coffee in 5 lb. bags or less to single buyers. These single buyers are required to buy in bulk also but in smaller amounts. Buying in bulk allows customers to save some money. Couple this with a highly visible website store allows the buyer to get his orders at a lower price per unit.


The Loose Leaf Tea and K-Cups


Drinking tea is one of the simple ways to relax and relieve one of stresses and worries. A warm cup of tea is good in improving one’s mood and calming the senses. This is the reason why tea-drinking has always been depicted in literature and film as a leisurely activity, something that is done to initiate good conversation and better socialization.


While drinking tea in tea bags are the more common especially among on-the-go individuals, more and more people are already realizing the advantages of switching to loose leaf teas. For one, it is less expensive to purchase herb tea by the ounce rather than by the bags. Also, in terms of varieties tea bags are more limited considering that the drinker is constrained by what is only available in the market unlike loose leaf tea which is more diverse; thus, giving the drinker a chance to experiment on the flavors by blending (mixing and matching) different herbs together which cannot be done using tea bags. Loose teas are also more economical in the long run since they have a lot less packaging and since loose leaf tea has larger leaves, it follows that one can enjoy more its health benefits like antioxidants. Another good thing about loose leaf tea is that it produces a drink that has a better aroma and more intensified flavor because it is considerably fresher than bagged tea that have been stored in the warehouse and even kept longer on the shelves of grocery stores. Lastly, loose tea can serve as an interesting and unique present by simply placing them in a pretty bag with labels and instructions.


There are indeed numerous advantages that a regular tea drinker can derive from consuming loose tea leaf instead of bagged tea. For those who came to realize these things and already made the switch, the major challenge is determining the best equipment to ensure that one will get the finest loose tea experience and for this purpose loose tea K-cup is probably the better choice, if not the best considering that the K-Cup reusable filter is excellent in preparing single serving of loose tea. K-Cups also work efficiently and effectively in brewing loose tea leaves, thereby providing the maximum flavor and experience that cannot be done using other brewing methods. More importantly, using loose tea K-Cups, provide far great health benefits than other means from detoxifying and releasing of anti-aging properties, among others.



The Difference and Similarities Between PET and PP Wholesale Cups


Polyethylene terephthalate or simply called PET is a type of plastic resin that is under the polyester kind. PET is a popular material for making soft drink bottles and other food containers because it is considered safe and food grade. The main identifications of PET lies in its’ toughness and clarity. Wholesale cups made out of PET are the most clear type of cups found anywhere. No other material used in manufacturing wholesale cups can match its’ clarity.

All of the cups made from Polyethylene teraphthalate can resist both heat and freezing. But the most important thing about it is that it does not crack or rip on accident. The toughness of PET makes it the most popular choice in manufacturing wholesale cups out on the market. PET cups are widely used to hold popular beverages like beer, soda, juice, shakes and a lot more.

Another characteristic of PET wholesale cups is that it has the ability to hold the products’ character. This means that the original flavor of the beverage and its ingredients put into it maintains its’ flavor while it is in the cup. The fact that PET does not have smell means that the aroma of the beverage is kept undisturbed. PET cups are highly safe compared to PVC and has therefore replaced it as the number one choice for food containers and wholesale cups.

Now comes the best part of PET, this plastic is totally recyclable. The polymer ingredient in it can be used for a different purpose. It has a ‘1’ resin code ID.

On the other hand, Polypropylene plastic resin does not have the clarity that Polyethylene teraphthalate offers. However it does hold its own against PET in being a tough type of plastic and that it can also resist heat as good as PET. Its advantages over PET wholesale cups are its ability to resist and hold oil and other harmful chemicals. With its toughness, it does not allow chemicals to spill since it does not melt easily. Upon looking at its outside appearance, PP wholesale cups appear as translucent or semi-transparent cups. However, if manufactured in thinner portions, the cups appear to be near transparent like that of PET cups.

However, PP cups are not totally recyclable unlike PET cups. It has been given a ‘5’ resin identification code.

Both of these plastic resins can be used to make single, double and triple walled wholesale paper cups.