The Best Bubble Tea Toppings

Bubble Tea Jelly

Traditionally Taiwanese milk tea drinks are made with the classic bubble tea combination of the powder and/or syrup plus chewy black tapioca pearls in them as the preferred bubble tea topping. Those traditional days of drinking refreshing bubble tea drinks with only tapioca balls as the only milk tea topping is being tested with a few new varieties that you can replace outright or enjoy with tapioca pearls.

Bubble Tea Jelly

Bubble Tea Jelly is a favorite ingredient among many to get in your bubble tea because it will add more flavor to your drink. While the tapioca pearls make your drink sweeter because tapioca pearls are usually marinated in boba sauce, these jelly cubes add a fruit flavor to the drink. A popular bubble tea jelly is the assorted jelly with a combination of lychee jelly, aloe vera jelly, strawberry jelly, grass jelly, green apple coconut jelly, and mango jelly. As a business owner, is it nice to have bubble tea jelly to offer your customers because you do not have to cook them! They’re perfect on the go since they’re pre-made, allowing you to simply scoop and serve! As a bubble tea customer, you might want to try bubble tea jelly because they will add a yummy fruit flavor to your bubble tea drink or dessert.

Bubble Tea Popping Boba

Bubble Tea Popping Boba is another popular add on to your bubble tea drink. These delicious fruit filled balls compliment almost any drink. Originally popping boba was used as a frozen yogurt topping, but it has become popular with bubble tea drinks. You can use a boba tea straw to drink up these fun fruit balls, along with the traditional tapioca pearls. Popular flavors of popping bobas are: strawberry popping boba, lychee popping boba, mango popping boba and passion fruit popping boba.

Bubble Tea Jam

Although Bubble Tea Jams are not as popular as Bubble Tea Jelly or Bubble Tea Popping boba, they are worth considering as an add-on. They also add a dimension of soft texture to your drink, but it is thicker than the other choices. Popular Bubble Tea Jam flavors are strawberry jam and mango jam.

Next time you order your bubble tea drink, consider adding in another bubble tea add-on – bubble tea jellies, bubble tea popping boba, or bubble tea jam!

2 thoughts on “The Best Bubble Tea Toppings”

  1. Hello,
    I have a quick question. When making my own bubble tea at home and I want to make for example royal milk tea or jasmine milk tea, do I just need the flavored powder of each kind by itself or do I also need the loose tea leaves for each? How is it prepared step by step? Is it boil the water, add in tea leaves, let them seap, then boil more water with the flavor powder in it, combine the two after & serve? Please help! The process is so confusing

    1. Hi Lesly,

      You can do both! You can get the teas (green tea or black tea) and steep them in a cup. After you steep the tea, then add in milk and sweetener to your liking. You can also get green tea powder and milk tea powder and mix then with hot water and add in creamer and sweetener as well. I prefer using real tea, but its really just a taste preference!

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