Dining Using Biodegradable Plates

Using Biodegradable Plates

I love picnics. Nothing compares to a trip by the countryside with people close to you and enjoying a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. I usually pack food that are easy to munch on and one of the things that should never be forgotten are disposable plates. It is a basic need especially for people who do not have the luxury of time to clean their plates after every use. Although it is considered essential to some, many people raise their eyebrows on how disposable plates are slowly harming the environment.


Much has been said about the use of disposable plastic cups and plates. We all know by now that it plays a major role in destroying our environment, what with the amount of disposable plates being used daily. And you cannot blame the people because it’s very easy and practical to use especially when you have a picnic with family or a potluck or spontaneous lunch get together with colleagues in the office pantry. You just buy a pack from the grocery and you’re good to go. Clean-up also becomes a non-issue and that’s exactly where the destruction of environment is evident.


It’s refreshing to know that once you type in biodegradable plates in your computer’s search engine, a lot of websites of local and imported manufacturers now offer biodegradable plates. It’s a very good alternative to your usual plastic or styrofoam disposable ones. There’s a lot to choose from the wide variety. There are some made from compostable sugar cane fiber. Others are made from unbleached wheatstraw fiber and there are some that are made of recycled paper. One should take note that not all biodegradable plates are made equal because some are especially made for dry food only. One of the most interesting kinds I have seen so far is the one made of food waste. This kind makes use of food scraps like carrot peels and peanut sheels but are recommended only for dry food.


With the options slowly becoming more varied, people are given the liberty to have more choices in terms of biodegrable tableware. Organizations and movements are coming up with campaigns on how to push this advocacy forward and it’s a great thing that something as simple as biodegrable plates can also contribute. Eco-friendly products are what people need to try for themselves and eventually patronize. Everyone can take part in saving the environment.

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