Organic Chai Over Coffee Every Time

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There is no denying that coffee is one of the more popular beverages in the world, if not the most popular. This is the reason why it is not surprising that Starbucks and other coffee shops are steadily increasing in profits year by year and why more and more coffee franchises are expanding their services in various parts of the globe.


Coffee is the go-to-drink of people who are always busy and continuously in need of a good perk-me-up. It is consumed mainly by corporate people and those who are always on edge trying to beat deadlines and completion dates. Unfortunately, drinking too much coffee is not good for the health. Apart from causing stomach acidity a lot of serious illness can be caused by excessively indulging in coffee every day. Coffee is known to stress the heart because of its caffeine content; it makes people jumpy and nervous, and even causes hyperacidity and acid reflux.


So instead of drinking coffee which has high caffeine content, it is better to switch to organic chai, a kind of tea that is equally flavorful and brings the same comfort and satisfaction as coffee minus the negative effects and wired nerves. Moreover, organic chai provides numerous incredible health benefits that can never be matched by a cup of coffee because it contains a variety of spices that are beneficial themselves.


Some of the outstanding benefits of organic chai as provided by its ingredients include the following:


  • Promotes circulation and open breathing, awareness and vitality, and can reduce fatigue (Cinnamon)
  • It keeps the lungs, kidneys, and heart healthy as well as good in improving one’s mood (Cardamom)
  • Helps alleviate pain and has antiseptic properties. It also improves the medical benefits of other herbs (Clove)
  • Helps in improving metabolism and blood circulation as well as provide relief to chronic coldness (Black Pepper)
  • It aids in better digestion, eases sciatica and addresses kidney and lymph problems (Nutmeg)
  • It alleviates cough and freshens breath (Chinese Star Anise)
  • It stimulates the circulatory and immune systems and helps ease motion sickness (Ginger)
  • It treats kidney and ocular problems and laryngitis as well (Fennel)


The abovementioned medical benefits of organic chai are enough to convince any coffee drinker to at least, slowly switch from coffee to organic chai. Taking care of one’s health should always be the priority; hence, organic chai should be chosen over coffee everytime.




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