Taro Milk Tea Recipe – How to make Taro Milk Bubble Tea

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Have you seen and tasted the delicious bubble tea purple drink called Taro milk tea? Here is a recipe to drink the famous Taro drink that originated from Taiwan.

Taro Milk Tea Ingredients

Utensils Needed

Taro Milk Tea Recipe

Procedure for making taro milk tea black tea base:

  1. Measure three quarters cup of water.
  2. Set a small pot on the stove.
  3. Pour the water into the pot.
  4. Ignite the stove and set the heat to medium high.
  5. Wait for the water to reaching boiling point.
  6. Once the water starts to boil, bring it to a brisk boil and turn off stove.
  7. Then place the tea bag in a cup and steep in the water for about two minutes.
  8. Take out tea bag after two minutes.

Notes: You are using black tea, which does have caffeine. Thus, taro milk tea does have caffeine.

Procedure for making taro milk tea drink:

Take the cocktail shaker and add in:

  1. 3oz of taro milk tea powder,
  2. 1oz fructose, and 1oz of hot water,
  3. Then mix taro milk tea powder and other ingredients until fully dissolved with mixing spoon,
  4. Next, add in half cup of milk, the prepared black tea base, and half cup of ice cubes,
  5. Shake the cocktail shaker for about thirty seconds,
  6. Pour into serving glasses and enjoy your delicious taro milk tea!

Notes: You can enjoy hot taro milk tea bubble tea by taking out the ice and mixing ingredients with hot water and then adding black tea. Mix contents with a spoon (do not shake) because the drink will be hot! Also don’t forget to add tapioca pearls to your drink!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It looks very interesting. I tried Taro Milk Tea but didn’t know I could make it myself. I’m glad I found this recipe!

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