The Battle Between Chai K-Cups and Instant Chai

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One of the most popular beverage in the world is chai, or simply known as tea. Every country has their own version, own flavor, specific way of preparation, and ways on how to enjoy it fully. Chai is almost synonymous with relaxation and calmness unlike coffee which is known more for waking people up. Chai is served on spas and in places wherein people have the luxury of time; where everybody can relax, sit down, enjoy solitude or talk with a companion, and savor a Chai flavor to their own liking.


There are numerous Chai flavors in the market today and the number is steadily increasing as manufacturers continue to develop more flavors to suit the discriminating tastes of different people. There is a Chai for every individual depending not only on the flavor-preference but even on needs and problems that needed to be addressed. There is a Chai to ease aches and pains and there is spiced Chai for energy and invigorating the senses, among others. This is the reason why a cup of tea has a steady following.


While a lot of people are using traditional tea bags or brewing tea to address their Chai-cravings, Chai K-cups are gaining popularity especially among corporate folks for several reasons. For one, Chai K-cup is able to cater to individual preference even within a large group of people. No need to prepare tea in a pot where people have no choice but to drink what’s prepared. With the Chai K-cup, there is a particular cup to suit one’s taste. Secondly, it is also less messy that instant products since it comes in a packaging that is designed for one serving. More importantly a lot of Chai drinkers are vouching that Chai K-cups taste a lot better than instant teas.


While Chai K-cups are gaining popularity, one should also not discount the ever reliable tea bag that a lot of people have been used to as it also has several similarities with the more sophisticated Chai K-cups such as both can be prepared in a small fraction of a time, so the waiting time to enjoy a good cup is down to a few minutes. Also, both were conceptualized and created to address the need of people-on-the-go, those who are looking for a good chai-fix any time of the day. In other words both are created to ensure convenience and satisfaction in a flash.


Whether in K-cups or in tea bags, one thing is certain, Chai is not going anywhere soon, as a matter of fact it will continue to soar and gain popularity not only because of its many benefits but because of its engaging flavors.

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