The Loose Leaf Tea and K-Cups


Drinking tea is one of the simple ways to relax and relieve one of stresses and worries. A warm cup of tea is good in improving one’s mood and calming the senses. This is the reason why tea-drinking has always been depicted in literature and film as a leisurely activity, something that is done to initiate good conversation and better socialization.


While drinking tea in tea bags are the more common especially among on-the-go individuals, more and more people are already realizing the advantages of switching to loose leaf teas. For one, it is less expensive to purchase herb tea by the ounce rather than by the bags. Also, in terms of varieties tea bags are more limited considering that the drinker is constrained by what is only available in the market unlike loose leaf tea which is more diverse; thus, giving the drinker a chance to experiment on the flavors by blending (mixing and matching) different herbs together which cannot be done using tea bags. Loose teas are also more economical in the long run since they have a lot less packaging and since loose leaf tea has larger leaves, it follows that one can enjoy more its health benefits like antioxidants. Another good thing about loose leaf tea is that it produces a drink that has a better aroma and more intensified flavor because it is considerably fresher than bagged tea that have been stored in the warehouse and even kept longer on the shelves of grocery stores. Lastly, loose tea can serve as an interesting and unique present by simply placing them in a pretty bag with labels and instructions.


There are indeed numerous advantages that a regular tea drinker can derive from consuming loose tea leaf instead of bagged tea. For those who came to realize these things and already made the switch, the major challenge is determining the best equipment to ensure that one will get the finest loose tea experience and for this purpose loose tea K-cup is probably the better choice, if not the best considering that the K-Cup reusable filter is excellent in preparing single serving of loose tea. K-Cups also work efficiently and effectively in brewing loose tea leaves, thereby providing the maximum flavor and experience that cannot be done using other brewing methods. More importantly, using loose tea K-Cups, provide far great health benefits than other means from detoxifying and releasing of anti-aging properties, among others.



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