Tapioca Pearls (Boba Balls)

If you’re looking to buy tapioca pearls for your restaurant, shop or home, you are amongst millions who have grown this sensation across North America and other many other continents. Made from various ingredients, such as sweet potato powder, potato powder, and even jelly, these boba balls for sale add fun to your favorite drinks. Mixed with water, the right amount of sugar and seasonings, you get the sweet, chewy gel-like pearls that are so popular today. Bubble tea menus are growing with more options now that the choices of pearls are expanding all the time. Those who are looking to buy tapioca pearls for their business are faced with several options (more than ever before).

Originating from Taiwan, the tiny 1/12 of an inch size tapioca pearls were originally used in what they called pearl milk tea. From there, inventors created bigger sized black boba balls and blended different flavors to form the larger pearls we're familiar with today. Made from a mixed tapioca flour, boba balls gelatinize to the perfect consistency of texture for using in many drinks and other sweet treats. When you want to buy tapioca pearls or other boba products, the best place to go is to Boba Tea Direct.

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