Possmei Bubble Tea

If you're looking to concoct the best boba drink on the market, possmei bubble tea powder is what you need in your list of ingredients. Boba Tea Direct carries a variety of flavors, and the procedure for making it is very convenient. Some of the flavors we carry include avocado, almond, cream cheese, coconut, ginger, grass jelly, mango, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, and many more.

You can mix it with water (hot or cold), tea (white, black, or green), and throw in some ice while you're at it to bring out the amazing flavor of this possmei boba. Green tea is traditionally the base ingredient, however white tea also works extremely well. You will be more than happy being in control of the taste making it at home than you would be buying it pre-made in-stores.

You could also blend multiple instant powders or mix in toppings such as canned fruit, milk, ice cream, frozen yogurt, flavored syrups, or even some tapioca pearls to enhance the taste. It may take a few trial runs to find the perfect recipe, but you will be very happy when you do find it, and it will only take minutes to create. Other brands typically have a chalky aftertaste, but this certainly doesn't fall into that group. The flavor is strong without being overbearing and provides the perfect amount of sweetness.

Imported from Taiwan, with great prices and fast shipping, this is a wonderful value and an even better product. Start making these wonderful beverages from your home by purchasing wholesale supplies from the online store of Boba Tea Direct!