Bubble Tea Sealer Machine for Boba Tea Cups

Bubble tea is at its perfection when it's mixed up to just the right consistency. To get the best blend for the tea, the cup will need proper sealing so it can go through a shaking process. Many cafes just use plastic lids on their boba cups, but then you run the risk of spillage when placed in the shaker machine, and your customers lose that oddly satisfying experience of poking a straw through the cellophane covering! To enhance your customers’ experience and to prevent time consuming messes, we highly recommend that you leverage a bubble tea sealer machine in your local business!


Once the seal is on, you can then place it in a shaker machine that will mix it up to the perfect consistency for your customers. An automatic boba machine sealer also allows your customers to take the tea away and enjoy it elsewhere, without worrying about spilling the contents by accident; when they're ready to drink it, they can simply use one of our boba straws to pierce the film.


Our automatic boba cup sealer will seal a cup in seconds. Simply place a boba cup in the provided cup base, and the sealing machine will do the rest for you. Once it’s finished, you'll receive a properly sealed cup of milk tea that won't spill, and you didn't have to do anything more than putting a boba cup within the platform – quick service is certainly a crowd pleaser (especially on hot summer days).


We offer bubble tea sealer machines that work with a wide variety of differently sized cups (i.e. PP and PET). To use with the boba machine sealers, we also have a line of boba tea sealing film strong enough to keep the cups spill-free. For the best in cup sealing technology, browse our selection of boba cup sealers that will transform your business into an efficient one without spending a lot of money on inventory. While you're at it, check out our inventory of boba tea supplies for your business.