Bubble Tea Machines

Making a cup of bubble tea doesn't have to be done with just any type of bubble tea equipment. However, there are benefits to using a commercial bubble tea machine for making drinks in your coffee shop. There are a few different types of boba machines and each one makes your business function more smoothly. We have automatic bubble tea shaker machines for your boba cups, which help blend the boba tea mix powders evenly and quickly. Also, using a plastic / cellophane cup sealer machine will allow you to seal the tops of the cups, providing your patrons with the satisfaction of piercing the bubble tea sealing film with the angled tip of a boba straw.

Boba Tea Direct’s online store offers a line of boba machines that will give you those time-saving benefits. You can choose from hot water heaters, blenders, induction cookers, and bubble tea sealer machines. Having most of them in your cafè will bring you a level of automation that frees up time for you or your staff to spend elsewhere, like building rapport with your clientele. Having the combination of great customer service and a perfectly blended tea cup of milk tea will highly encourage your customer base to keep coming back for more.

One of our best sellers are the bubble tea shaker machines. This kind of bubble tea equipment takes the bubble tea powders and shakes them up with hot water to achieve a creamy texture. A true bubble tea drink will have frothiness in the tea to add to the flavor of the tapioca pearls or bursting boba balls when sipped through a wide straw. It's very difficult to get the same results by trying to mix them without a bubble tea maker.

We also sell a huge line of commercial grade blenders for mixing up many drink recipes and treats. They make blending quicker and easier when adding other flavorful ingredients, such as our bubble tea syrups. Working alongside the blender is our fructose dispensing machine that apportions the exact amount of the sugary substance to add to your specialty drinks or other menu items.

Boba Tea Direct has a large selection of boba machines that’s needed for your bubble tea shop. Browse our selections of bubble tea machines and see which ones will make your shop run smoothly. Our equipment is built to last, so you can feel assured that when you’re purchasing one, you’ll be able to make bubble tea drinks with it for a very long time. Check us out for our other boba tea supplies, such as our bubble tea kits, bubble tea jellies and a lot of other boba brand products for your bubble tea menus.