Bubble Tea Kit

You don't have to be a coffee shop owner to make the best boba tea on the market, nor do you have to travel across town to get a quick fix of that milk tea gold. Thanks to our bubble tea kits, you now can enjoy the convenience of making it in your own home. Your home kitchen becomes your own personal café with a bubble tea menu comprising of only your favorite bubble tea recipes and flavors.

You might have seen coffee shop owners make it before using various bubble tea machines, such as sealer and shaker machines. Because it may have seemed too expensive to try tackling on your own, you may have shied away from purchasing a machine of your own. Yet with a bubble tea kit from Boba Tea Direct, you can make a great cup of tea regardless of the equipment you own. Our bubble tea starter kits eliminate all of the difficult steps that shop owners use for the perfect boba tea drink, so that you may experience the same results with ease. Our home kits and starter kits give you everything you need to make bubble tea by yourself.

What can you expect with each kit?

Starter kit - Typically, a kit includes bubble tea mix powders and tapioca pearls along with the accessories needed to make the tea. Those would include a scoop for the pearls, cocktail shaker, measuring spoon, and large boba straws. Each kit is different so be sure to check the details of our starter assortments.

Home kits - Our home kits are much like the starter kits. The main difference is that they offer more flavors of bubble tea powders to give you a variety of drinks to make at home. These are great for entertaining family and friends when they stop by.

We also offer kits perfect for businesses, parties, reunions or any time your friends and family gather to enjoy an occasion. They'll also work great as gifts for someone special in your life that loves bubble tea drinks.

Boba Tea Direct carries more boba tea supplies to help you add to your home tea-making experience. You can select from our bursting boba balls, bubble tea syrups, bubble tea jellies, or even boba cups and lids. The choices are endless when it comes to making the most of your bubble tea making kit.