Bubble Tea Supplies

When it comes to boba branded products, Boba Tea Direct has one of the largest selections of wholesale bubble tea supplies for high-quality milk tea drinks. No matter what you're in the market for, you can count on us to provide you with everything you need to stock up your shop. Here are some of the many accessory items we carry in our inventory:

Cups and lids - Our boba cups come in different sizes and different types of plastics and paper. We offer a line of biodegradable ones for those who are conscious of the environment, and we also carry corresponding lids for our cups.

Boba straws - Our huge selection of wide boba straws are just the right size for sipping those tasty tapioca pearls from your tea drinks. You can find plastic as well as paper straws in our inventory.

Bowls and plates - To serve your other favorite recipes, we have a line of bowls and plates that are durable, but they're compostable. A great eco-friendly alternative to the Styrofoam products that other shops may use.

Bubble tea machines – As a bubble tea supplier, we also have bubble tea machines to help you make the tea-making process much easier. Our bubble tea sealer machines are one of our most popular choices. Add one of our rolls of bubble tea sealing film and you can easily seal your bubble tea drinks quickly without too much effort.

Boba Balls - We carry a large variety of popping boba to add more zest to your bubble tea drinks. You can also find tapioca pearls and bubble tea jellies to add to your drinks as well. The bubble tea syrups are a great addition along with the pearls for more creative recipes.

Tea powders- We have a line of bubble tea powders to create several recipes of boba drinks for your bubble tea menus. Check out our selection of bubble tea mix powders to find what creations you would like to make. Our bubble tea kits are great for people looking to make their own drinks from home.

Our bubble tea supplies are too numerous to mention in just one spot. Browse our online catalog for milk tea supply to add to your shop's stock.