Business Powders Sample Kit

Business Powders Sample Kit
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30.00 lbs
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Makes 140-150 drinks

Kit includes:

(1) Coconut Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder (Original) [SKU: P1015]
(1) Honeydew Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder (Original) [SKU: P1030]
(1) Mango Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder [SKU: P1037]
(1) Matcha (Green Tea) Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder [SKU: P1045]
(1) Milk Tea Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder [SKU: P1040]
(1) Strawberry Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder [SKU: P1062]
(1) Taro Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder (Original) [SKU: P1065]
(1) Vanilla Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder (NEW & IMPROVED) [SKU: P1068]
(1) Longan Honey (TeaZone, 106 oz bottle) - NEW & IMPROVED [SKU: S1015]
(2) Bag of Non-Dairy Creamer [SKU: P1021]
(1) Bag of Tapioca Pearls / Boba - Grade A [SKU: A2001]
(1) 500cc (16 oz) Cocktail Shaker [SKU: Y5006]
(2) Bag of Fat Bubble Tea Straws - 7.5"
(1) 1oz Measuring Spoon [SKU: U1015]

On a regular basis, we get calls, emails and sometimes even faxes from people wanting to start their own bubble tea business.

The most common questions are, "Where do I start," and "What's the secret to great bubble tea?"

Here's a few more... "What flavors are the best?"
"Which should I use non-dairy creamer, milk, half-n-half, etc?"
"I've gone to a few shops and one shop has a much better drink...why?"
“Should I use syrup or powder?”

Our advice is to experience the answers to these questions first hand. The bottom line is that a great bubble tea begins with quality ingredients.

If you are considering starting a bubble tea business or adding bubble tea to your menu then this kit is the best way to start.

Step 1: The first step is to become familiar with making a good drink and with this kit you will have more than enough opportunity to do that. You will be able to taste the difference between a bubble tea with tea versus one without tea. Do you prefer liquid drinks or blended? This kit allows all your main questions to be answered. If you are like us, you want to experience this first hand without spending "an arm and a leg." *This amazing kit allows you to do this for less than $.50 a drink.

Step 2: Make drinks for your family, friends and staff because they will give you honest feedback. Make a liquid drink and one in the blender to taste the difference. Mix flavors together to come up with your own creations. Sample the difference between the tastes of a bubble tea made with milk versus the taste of one made with creamer. You will discover that some prefer creamy drinks and some prefer tea drinks. In this session you will more than likely come up with combinations that you would not have thought of on your own. This will give you a solid basis as you prepare for your menu.

Step 3: Get started on your bubble tea business or add bubble tea to your current menu.

Step 4: Collect your profits.

Step 5: Smile!
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