Boba Cups and Bubble Tea Lids

When it comes to pleasing your café patrons, having the best ingredients for your bubble tea is important. Sure, the bubble tea and the tapioca pearls are the tastiest part of the drink, but the accessories help make the whole bubble tea experience that people want to keep coming back for. Using quality boba cups and bubble tea lids provide your customers a pleasurable tea drinking session for any situation, whether they’re getting it to go or to sit in your shop.

At our online store, we sell high-quality bubble tea cups & lids for wholesale prices that are great for many drinks or treats, helping you save money on inventory when you’re shopping in bulk. We offer clear PP plastic cups that work perfectly with our bubble tea sealer machines. They seal the top with bubble tea sealing film, which acts as a lid itself. These cups are also great for bubble tea machines, like shakers, that mix the bubble tea mix powders with other ingredients, to the perfect consistency for adding flavorful bursting boba balls or other fixings.

Our cups come in many sizes, so check our selection and you'll find ones that match the needs of any drink you offer on your bubble tea menu. The polypropylene (PP) bubble tea cups are durable and heat-resistant and will withstand sealing methods easily. For those interested in helping the environment, our line of polylactic acid plastic (PLA) bubble tea cups are strong, but biodegradable, eliminating any guilt one may have about using a plastic cup.

We also carry many types of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) boba cups which are great for cold and hot drinks and are recyclable, making them a great environmentally friendly option. For other uses, we have paper, and hard plastic cups with designs and textures to add to the visual appeal to your drink recipes. To complement our line of cups, we also offer boba straws and boba tea lids as well as many other boba tea supplies.

If your coffee shop or home requires more boba brand items, check out our online catalog. Browse our selections of boba accessories, bubble tea syrups, bubble tea powders, and bubble tea jellies. We have everything you would need to stock your shop for your bubble tea line of drinks.