Glace Avocado (18-lb case)

Glace Avocado (18-lb case)
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18.00 lbs
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Are you still on a natural high from your last trip to Mexico and missing your favorite avocado drink? Feel like you are back to the interesting and colorful streets of Mexico by creating your own Avocado drink with our Avocado Powder without having to pack up your bags and taking the first flight out. Concoct a tasty and rich Avocado shake by simply blending come shaved ice and water and adding a few dashes of full cream. Truly a refreshing masterpiece!

There are (6) 3 lbs packs in each of the case. (Net 18 lbs)

For 12 oz. drinks : Makes about 150 servings.
For 16 oz. drinks : Makes about 100 servings.


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    This is a well balanced drink. Great for every occasion.