Glace Bubble Tea Sample Kit

Glace Bubble Tea Sample Kit
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14.00 lbs
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You will receive all 27 sample powders below. Each sample powder can make roughly 1-2 servings.

(1) White Chocolate Mocha
(1) Mocha
(1) Vanilla Latte
(1) Cappuccino
(1) White Chocolate Mocha
(1) Latte
(1) Caramel Mocha
(1) Sugar Free Mocha
(1) Toffee Nut Latte
(1) Watermelon
(1) Mango
(1) Sour Green Apple
(1) Honeydew
(1) Cantaloupe
(1) Passion Fruit
(1) Coconut
(1) Avocado
(1) Strawberry
(1) Thai Tea
(1) Taro
(1) Chai Tea
(1) Black Milk Tea
(1) Vanilla Frost
(1) Matcha Green Tea
(1) Pina Colada
(1) Guava
(1) Italian Tart Yogurt


(1) Bag of Tapioca Pearls (5.0 lb pack) (100 servings for 12oz drinks)
(1) 8.5" Long Straws (40 pcs pack)

In addition, you will also receive a complete directional guide.

This is a great way for you to sample all the flavors without having to purchase the full size. Then you can decide what flavors you want to offer!
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