Glace Sour Green Apple (18-lb case)

Glace Sour Green Apple (18-lb case)
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Sour green apples are delicious as part of desserts and other types of sweet treats. It is also great as refreshingly tart-y beverages. Create a lot of delicious fruity drinks with our Sour Green Apply Powder. This powder mixture is made with only quality premium ingredients and is conveniently premixed for fool-proof flavoring. Add this powder to some ice and water and top with whipped cream for a creamy and tart-y slushie.

There are (6) 3 lbs bags in each case. (Net 18 lbs)

For 12 oz. drinks : Makes about 150 servings.
For 16 oz. drinks : Makes about 100 servings.


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    Be sure to follow the instructions exactly and they will taste perfect.