Glace White Chocolate Mocha (18-lb case)

Glace White Chocolate Mocha (18-lb case)
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18.00 lbs
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White chocolate is a key ingredient in making delicious desserts and other sweet treats. Mocha is also known to add interestingly delectable flavor to any dessert. It is only but fitting that these two sweet ingredients are combined to make a sweet dessert drink. This premixed powder drink can easily be used to make all your favorite frappes, smoothies and lattes. For a creamy iced latte, mix this powder with some ice and water and garnish with some whipped cream and white chocolate shavings.

There are (6) 3 lbs bags in each case. (Net 18 lbs)

For 12 oz. drinks : Makes about 150 servings.
For 16 oz. drinks : Makes about 100 servings.


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    So delicious it's quite addictive.