Gold Business Sample Kit

Gold Business Sample Kit
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(1) Case of Boba/Tapioca for Bubble Tea - Grade A [SKU: A2000]
(1) Case - Large Straws Color 7.5" - 3,500 straws [SKU: C9000]
(1) Almond Powder [SKU: P1000]
(1) Coconut Powder [SKU: P1015]
(1) Honeydew Powder [SKU: P1030]
(1) Mango Powder [SKU: P1037]
(1) Matcha (Green Tea) Powder [SKU: P1045]
(1) Milk Tea Powder [SKU: P1040]
(1) Strawberry Powder [SKU: P1062]
(1) Taro Powder [SKU: P1065]
(1) Lychee Syrup [SKU: J1040]
(1) Mango Syrup [SKU: J1045]
(1) Passion Fruit Syrup [SKU: J1060]
(1) Peach Syrup [SKU: J1065]
(1) Pineapple Syrup [SKU: J1071]
(1) Raspberry Syrup [SKU: J1081]
(1) Strawberry Syrup [SKU: J1090]
(1) Longan Honey [SKU: S1015]
(1) Fructose - [SKU: S1010]
(1) 500cc (16oz) Cocktail Shaker [SKU: Y5006]
(1) 800cc (28oz) Cocktail Shaker [SKU: Y5011]
(2) Measuring Spoon - 1oz [SKU: U1015]
(1) Tapioca Scoop [SKU: U1020]
(2) Black Tea Leaves (1 pack) - 0.5lbs [SKU: T1031]
(2) Golden Milk Tea Leaves [SKU: T1026]
(2) Green Tea Leaves (1 pack) - 0.5lbs [SKU: T1021]
(2) Thai Tea Leaves 0.85 lb. [SKU: T1035]
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