Grass Jelly Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder

Grass Jelly Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder
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Delicious, natural goodness with satisfying vegetal aftertaste

Get an exotic taste of the Far East with our unique grass jelly powder mix. Make healthful, satisfying beverages for any season or add sugar and tapioca/cornstarch to make a gelatinous snack. Boba Tea Direct's bubble tea powder produces a smooth grass jelly, with herbal flavors that are a perfect accompaniment to fruit-based drinks. Impress discerning appetites with bubble tea beverages containing brown sugar boba, milk, grass jelly boba, and any number of pudding combinations.

  • All-natural product: grass jelly originates from the mesona chinensis plant
  • Fat-free, low-calorie add-on to bubble teas
  • Pure grass jelly powder in a convenient, resealable pouch
  • Adds authenticity to Asian delicacies, such as ice kacang (Malaysian shaved ice), cendol (South East Asian dessert), and Vietnamese Chè puddings
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    They taste really good. Really easy to make.