Papaya Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder

Papaya Boba Tea / Bubble Tea Powder
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2.20 lbs
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Papaya bubble tea powder used to make Papaya boba smoothies and Papaya milk tea. Did you know that papayas also go by the funny names papaw and pawpaw? Betcha didn't know that! Funny names aside, this flavor tastes excellent! Why head over to the Caribbean or South America when you can have your daily dose of papaya shakes and smoothies from anywhere you may be? When we started developing this flavor, we thought of ways to bring in the butter-y sweetness unique to this fruit. Did we succeed? You be the judge. Flavored powders used to make milk teas, slushes and smoothies.


Number of Servings:
25-30 16oz
cups 20-25 24 oz
cups (3 scoops/serving)
Sold in 2.2 lbs bag 20bags/case


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    these are so worth it.