PET Cups & Lids

The idea that material goods must be ethically sourced is an idea that has overtaken our economy; eco-friendly, recyclable items are, and will remain, a necessity for many industries in the modern era. It can be a struggle for businesses who simply must utilize plastics as a part of their product presentation, such as coffee shops, smoothie stores, and boba tea pop-ups. We fully understand the challenges you are faced with, and as such, have provided the solution that fulfills the needs of both buyer and seller.

As a family business, maintaining that happy balance is what we strive to do each and every day, and luckily we have been able to source premium PET plastic cups and lids that truly offer the best of both worlds. Wholesale PET cups and lids not only satisfy the concerned consumer, but also check every box that businesses have when it comes to choosing wholesale plastic drinkware options. If you're wondering what makes PET cups and lids so special, that's what we're here for.

PET, more formally known as polyethylene terephthalate, is a plastic material used in the construction and design of the highest quality clear drinking cups and lids. So why choose PET cups for your company? Let's focus on the three most relevant reasons.

Crystal Clear

Your freshly-blended smoothies, rich and delicious frappes, and refreshing boba tea offerings deserve perfection in their presentation. The way the layers of whipped beverage look, or the feel of silky smooth boba pearls bobbing against the surface of the cup -- those are the small details that are preserved by the crystal clear design of PET cups and lids -- and those are the same small details that will keep your company preserved in the customer's memory!


PET plastic cups and lids are available in a variety of designs -- some are ideal for boba tea, others are more suited to coffee and the like -- but it is the universal and consistent high-quality design of PET plastic that makes it so widely regarded as the best in the industry. Some businesses use a cheaply-made alternative to PET -- a substance called polypropylene -- and inevitably, with the lesser quality comes a catch. Polypropylene cups are not as hardy, meaning they are prone to scratches, dents, and cloudy-looking irregularities in the surface of the plastic -- all red flags that signal carelessness to customers.


Just to be clear -- when we say clean, we don't mean literally clean, as in "without dirt and grime"... No, we mean clean as in "environmental," the word that everyone uses now to refer to their clean dish soap, or clean makeup, or clean dog groomer! These days, it's all about products that are environmentally-friendly, and this is one area where PET cups and lids are the champion, every time. They are ridiculously clean! In fact, not only are PET cups recyclable, but due to their durability, they are also easily reusable, and without sacrificing any of their sparkle.

By now we hope that you are nothing but excited at the prospect of stocking and ordering PET cups, lids, and other supplies for your store. But just because we like to make life easier for you, we've gone ahead and picked out the best high-end PET options available. Check out our high quality, low price PET cups and lids -- and reach out to our friendly customer service team (or access our goof-proof help zone!) if you need assistance along the way.