Smoothies & Frappes

Our organic frozen smoothie mixes are popular amongst families not just for their healthy ingredients, but also because they taste delicious. They're like a rich, creamy milkshake but without the guilt! Add some bursting boba to make a unique 'popping' smoothie that the younger crowds can't resist. At Boba Tea Direct, we offer fruit smoothie mixes and smoothie syrups that make it easy for you to enjoy at home or offer to your customers.

We offer wholesale smoothie mixes in a variety of formats:

  • pre-made smoothie mixes
  • smoothie powder mixes
  • smoothie syrups
  • smoothie concentrates
  • frozen smoothie mixes

Liquid smoothie concentrates, like our sweet strawberry smoothie syrup, contain chunks of nutritious fruit for the best flavor imaginable. Our wholesale juices come in a wide range of fruity deliciousness. They're bursting with real fruit purees and real sugar for the perfect level of sweetness. No high fructose corn syrup here!

Our wholesale smoothie powder mixes combine convenience with flavor. Milk, ice, and this powdered mix yields a delicious, creamy smoothie. Take it a step further and mix it with your favorite tea for a signature bubble tea drink. What do you call a mix between a smoothie and bubble tea? We call this frosty cold drink a snow bubble! Make them in all your favorite flavors.

We provide many other delicious bubble tea recipes for our customers opening their own boba tea shop. We even offer hands-on training to help you get your new shop off to a great start!

Add frappés to accent your smoothie offerings

Frappés are all the rage and offer a great opportunity to expand your range of offerings. This delicious icy combo of espresso, chocolate, and either milk or water is very crave-worthy. We offer wholesale frappe mixes that make them as easy as they are delicious!

Our bubble tea menu shows just how creative you can get with our versatile boba tea products. Mix and match our products and you'll soon have a unique menu of your own that will keep customers coming back to order them all.

Keep in touch with us by sharing your creations with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; We'd love to hear from you and see what kind of deliciousness you've created!