Snow Bubble Poster (18 x 24)

Snow Bubble Poster (18 x 24)
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A terrific way to advertise your ice-blended snow bubble drinks or smoothies. This poster is printed at high quality. Poster size is 18 x 24. This poster is double-sided! So hang it up in the air and let it rotate around your store. Or, put it against a window and see the poster from both sides.

This poster has an image of a cup of Vanilla Snow and Mango Snow. It also has the following text, "Irresistibly smooth creamy & fluffy". Then, it lists out just a few different flavors of snow bubble teas: "Green Apple Snow, Passion Fruit Snow, Peach Snow, Peppermint Snow, Strawberry Yogurt Snow, & more!"

A great way to advertise in your restaurant or shop.

For your own advertisement purposes, you can also customize the poster for your own purposes. Pay just a one time-fee for customization for each poster design.

» Customize Text - $15 fee
» Customize Logo - $15 fee
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