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Karat White Paper Hot Cups - 4oz~24oz Sizes
Karat White Paper Hot Cups - 4oz~24oz Sizes
Sizes: 20oz

Karat White Paper Hot Cups - 4oz~24oz


custom print for hot drinks  recyclable material

Our Paper Hot Cups - White come in various sizes to meet all our customers needs. From small 4oz sizes for samples to the standard 16oz size to the giant 24oz size for the super thirsty customers! We have all the sizes you could possbily want to use for your business.


Product Details:


White color for a simple and sleek design. Can also write on the cups! Made for hot drinks, can be used with the following SKU: C-KDL508B, C-KDL508W, C-KDL16-E Please check the diamter of the cup you are buying to match the apprioiate lid! If you are unsure, please contact us.


  • 4oz cup 62mm diameter 1000/case
  • 8oz cup 80mm diameter 1000/case
  • 10oz cup 90mm diameter 1000/case
  • 12oz cup 90mm diameter 1000/case
  • 16oz cup 90mm diameter 1000/case
  • 20oz cup 90mm diameter 600/case
  • 24oz cup 90mm diameter 500/case

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