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Black Minute Pearls 2.2lb bag
Black Minute Pearls 2.2lb bag

Black Minute Pearls are the quick solution to making authentic boba tea in a fraction of the time. Unlike traditional boba or tapioca pearls that require a long cooking and simmering process and an even longer soak, Black Minute Pearls are ready in 5 minutes, making them great for use at home and convenient for restaurants, cafes, or coffee shops. These minute pearls will save you both time and money — you can prepare smaller batches in less time instead of making large quantities that may need to be thrown out as they lose their texture and appearance. Black Minute Pearls are sold in individual vacuum-sealed 2.2-pound bags, which serves approximately 25-30 drinks, or by the 18-bag case to help you save even more.

2.2 lbs bag (approximately serve 25-30 drinks) Takes only 5 minutes to cook!

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