Tea Zone Milk Tea Blast - Okinawa Brown Sugar Flavor (2.2lbs)

Tea Zone Milk Tea Blast - Okinawa Brown Sugar Flavor (2.2lbs)
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A heavenly combination of luscious milk tea with the natural goodness of pure sugar

This Tea Zone Milk Tea Blast can be used in Okinawa milk tea recipes or brown sugar bubble tea. Traditionally, Okinawa sugar is referred to as kokuto. For its part, Okinawa sugar differs from our grocery store brown sugar in a very distinctive way: it's made from dehydrated pure sugar cane juice. Meanwhile, conventional brown sugar is really just white sugar with added molasses. Okinawa sugar is essentially the purest brown sugar you can find on earth. Its flavor is unmatched, with a caramel sweetness that lends balance to many Japanese dishes. For a treat, combine this Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea Blast with creamer (or non-dairy creamer) to make a delicious smoothie.

  • Okinawa Brown Sugar milk tea powder can be used in lattes, macchiatos, and bubble teas
  • Brown sugar or honey-steeped bobas are the perfect QQ accompaniment to any Okinawa Brown Sugar bubble tea
  • Boba Tea Direct's Milk Tea Blasts are always encased in resealable foil pouches
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