Yogurt Boba Tea / Boba Tea Powder

Yogurt Boba Tea / Boba Tea Powder
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2.20 lbs
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Yogurt bubble tea powder used to make Yogurt bubble tea smoothies and yogurt milk teas. Made from real yogurt, yogurt powder is creamy, milky and tart at the same time. It can be used in a wide variety of food stuffs including candy or chocolate coating, for shakes, slushes, ice cream, dips, dressings and health drinks. It is a versatile ingredient with a high protein, low fat content. Besides the tart, slightly sweet taste, the texture of yogurt powder gives it away as a product of true yogurt. Enjoy your drinks without the added calories and fat!


Number of Servings:
25-30 16oz cups
20-25 24 oz cups
(3 scoops/serving)

Sold in 2.2 lbs bag 20bags/case


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    I really liked the taste and the fact that I could make a drink that satisfies my smoothie cravings