Bag of Tapioca Pearls (5.0 lb pack)

Bag of Tapioca Pearls (5.0 lb pack)
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The essence of a perfect boba drink, the Boba (aka tapioca pearls or black pearls) is made from the starch of the cassava root. People often confuse the Boba as a fruit. This is because when cooked properly, they become sweet, jelly-like, chewy balls.

Cooking Time : 45-60 minutes Shelf Life : 6 Months @ room temperature UNOPENED

For 12 oz. drinks : Makes about 100 servings. For 16 oz. drinks : Makes about 70 servings.


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  • Author:
    These are my favorite pearls for bubble tea, they cook easy, store well, and have an excellent flavor. This is a good price for the boba but the shipping is way too expensive. I usually by a different brand from another site :(